The ultimate triathlon training guide for racers of all levels!

More than 200,000 triathletes have relied on legendary coach Joe Friel over the years for his training and racing advice. With The Triathlete's Training Bible, you can have the most trusted name in endurance sports coaching at your side too. You'll also be privy to the latest fuel, strength and injury prevention insights from the world's top nutritionists, physiologists, and sports medicine experts. Stroke-by-stroke and step-by-step, you'll discover how to:

    Coach Friel's systematic approach to season planning and race prep ensures you reach optimal performance with the least amount of time spent training. But during some interval sessions you'll have to push harder than ever before!

    It may sound boring, but improving your efficiency is the key to continual improvements. Ironman champion Craig Alexander is constantly fine-tuning his crawl, pedal stroke, and foot strike. Using Coach Friel's discipline-specific drills you'll learn to sharpen your technique — so you can go faster with less effort. Not a boring benefit, right?
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Muscle and speed can coexist! In fact, a strong body of research shows that supplemental strength training can help you avoid repetitive motion—type injuries. Best of all, you don't have to spend hours in the gym. Use Coach Friel's 20-minute sessions to strengthen the critical parts of your body: the core, shoulders, and legs.

    The word protein is from the Greek word proteios, meaning "first" or of "primary importance." That's fitting because determining your macronutrient balance of protein, carbs, fat, and water begins with protein intake. Use Coach Friel's extensive nutrition section to fuel up more effectively. Hint: You should probably eat more healthy fats than you currently do, and fewer high-glycemic carbs.

    Coach Friel's mental-strength tips will help you break through plateaus in training, as well as effectively manage fatigue on race day. Learn to motivate yourself even if you have to train solo and how to accept setbacks as necessary steps on the way to success. Plus, his mind drills will help you nurture more self-belief and forge elite-level perseverance. Click here for details ยป
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