Reach your goals with proven strategies from elite endurance training coach John Friel!

This 386-page, fully illustrated, two-color book will answer all your triathlon

  • Part 1: The Self-Trained Athlete provides a systematic approach to training and shows you how to become tougher mentally.

  • Part 2: From Lab to the Real World details periodization and intensity and explains the science of training to ensure you stay on track.

  • Part 3: Training with a Purpose gives you the tools to assess your fitness and explains how to reach your peak.

  • Part 4: Planning details how to plan your year, your month, your week, and every workout, with case studies for sprint, Olympic-length, 70.3, and Ironman races.

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  • Part 5: Racing and Recovery provides clear and detailed plans for race week and race day, as well as how to recover fast.

  • Part 6: The Competitive Edge breaks down each of the three disciplines with specific drills to improve your swimming, biking, and running efficiency; provides illustrations of key exercises to build muscle and prevent injuries; and details how to treat food as fuel to power your races and manage your weight. In this meaty, 130-page section, you'll also find training diaries, supplement recommendations, and essential stretches.
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Like any great triathlete, this book finishes strong.
In the appendix, you'll find the most useful information: more than 40 pages of detailed workouts for swimming, biking, and running, ranging from endurance and power sets to speed skills and test workouts!

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